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The Genetic Genealogists of Red Earth Genetic Genealogy

Based in Oklahoma, Red Earth genetic genealogists have been trained under some of the best in the field. We have worked a number of high profile solves involving both Unidentified Human Remains and Crime Scene perpetrator identification. Pioneers in the technique of Medical Inherited Genetic Genealogy, we are helping set the standard for this emerging work. We also have completed dozens of unknown parentage cases for individuals over the past several years. 

At Red Earth Genetic Genealogy, we place high priority on ethics in the field and operate under the highest legal and privacy standards. We firmly believe the future of this practice depends on it. 

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Lead Team Members

genetic genealogist Elizabeth

Elizabeth Marshall

Co - Owner, Investigative Genetic Genealogist

genetic genealogist andrea

Andrea McCarthy

Co - Owner, Investigative Genetic Genealogist

FIGG Credentials

  • Volunteers for Cold Case Coalition

  • Graduates of FG4LE Advanced Internship - Redgrave Research

  • Members of Tulsa Sheriff's Office Cold Case Taskforce (TCSOCC)

Elizabeth and Andrea have combined experience of over 8 years working in investigative genetic genealogy and over 40 years in genealogical research. We have served as team members on the following high profile cases:

  • 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre - Mass Graves Investigation 

  • Babes in the Woods: Identified Derek & David D’Alton - Vancouver Police - Cold Case since 1953

  • Jasper County John Doe: Identified Bill Lewis - Jasper County Coroner’s Office - Cold Case since 1983

  • Ina Jane Doe: Identified Susan Lund - Jefferson County Sheriff's Office  - Cold Case since 1993

  • Perpetrator DNA: Ventura County Sheriff’s Office - Cold Case Homicides since 1981

  • Dozens of adoptee and unknown parentage cases


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